Sunday, 3 December 2017

Ares vs Kayfun Prime

Here it goes, another very subjective assessment of two completely different MTL tanks, Ares and Kayfun Prime.

Tested with the same build (round Kanthal, 27 GA, 6 wraps, 2.5 mm) and same juice (70%VG/30%PG).


Ares wins hands down. The package is not just nicely designed but also includes everything (pre-made coils, Kanthal, cotton, tools, etc) you need to use the tank. Well done!
 score A:5+   KP:3

Cleanliness on arrival

Both tanks arrived clean with no smell of oil. Quick rinse and you good to go.
score A:5 KP:5


Both are excellent.
score A:5 KP:5

Mouth Piece (drip tip)

Equally  comfortable narrow bore mouth pieces, but personally I slightly prefer Ares. One niggle - orings on Ares drip tips are a bit thin and you can knock it off when opening/closing the lid. I am using my other drip tips with both tanks.
score A:4 KP:4

Juice flow Control (JFC)

There is none on Ares. KP has it, it might not be the best implementation because you still need to count rotations, but works well.
On the other hand, with Ares suspended (sky) deck you don't need one. Unlike the Berserker RTA there is no gurgling or flooding whatsoever. For this reason - no score

Air flow control (AFC)

AFC ring on Ares is not too tight or too loose, and provides plenty of options to choose.  You can go from a tight  to a very loose MTL. KP implementation is a bit over engineered, fewer options and rotation action is stiff.
score A:5 KP:4

Top fill

 Kayfun is using screw down top cap, Ares is using a sliding lid. Both work very well and not pushing liquid down to the chamber on the closing, yet, both not perfect.

Sometimes it's difficult to catch the threading on Kayfun. The sliding lid on Ares catches a bit of that white silicon seal around the fill port when the lid  is pushed back.

It doesn't affect anything, the action is still smooth with reassuring clicking sound. Just cosmetics. May be that seal is a bit thick, or may be I should have dropped a bit of ejuice on it before closing for the first time.
Nevertheless, score A:4 KP:4

Ease of re-building

Both are  easy to re-build without draining the tank, but Ares is a winner in this department, super easy to put new coil/cotton.
score A:5, KP:4


Both produce excellent flavour
score A:5 KP:5


Both are true MTL tanks. But Ares is more flexibile, you can make it tighter  than Kayfun Prime or airier than Kayfun, which may have appeal to a broader audience. At the middle settings  they are almost identical. Both are very quiet, produce smooth draw with no turbulence.
score A:5 KP:4

Aesthetics (no score)

Ares looks very nice, but too much of etchings/stamping to my liking. Can be addressed with the supplied smoked glass. This is very subjective but I prefer the cleaner look of KP.

Cost (no score)

One is made in China, another one in Germany. Ares comes with many spares  and you can buy 3 of them for the price of one KP.

Bottom line. They are very different RTAs and yet both deliver excellent quality mouth-to-lung vape. I can recommend them both to any MTL user with no hesitation, but if you are new to building - go with Ares.

Ares excellent tutorials by Innokin/PBusardo



  1. Good afternoon,

    Hope this message finds you well. Good looking photos BTW

    I Just got my Ares in and have been having wicking issues. I've tried different amounts of cotton. I was wondering if you had any issues, and if so what was your solution. The flavor just tastes muted. Thoughts, thanks again

    Chad J.

    1. I don't have any wicking issues, flavour is similar to Kayfun Prime and Berserker. I am using 2.5 mm touched Kanthal coil, ~ 1.2 ohm, 16W and KGD cotton, nothing fancy.

  2. I get only muted flavor too. I tried to wick it with minimum cotton but nothing helps. Good bye Ares

  3. I have no issue i got perfect flavor well done Ares