Sunday, 1 October 2017

Kayfun Mini V3 vs. Kayfun Prime

I am a big fan of Kayfun Mini V3. It was my favourite MTL tank for the past almost 1.5 years because of its flavour production, tight draw and simplicity. Never had a single issue with it, no gurgling, flooding or leaking. 

So how does it stack up against the latest Svöe Mesto MTL RTA - Kayfun Prime?

As with my previous post it’s not a review but rather a comparison based on my very subjective scoring system. As always, you can find plenty of detailed reviews (size, weight, length, etc) on the YouTube.

Here it goes, another very subjective assessment of two MTL tanks, Kayfun Mini V3 (2 ml) and Kayfun Prime (4.5ml). 

Tested with build (round Kanthal, 27 GA, 6 wraps, 2.5 mm) and same juice (70%VG/30%PG). 

Cleanliness on arrival

Both tanks arrived clean with no smell of oil. Quick rinse and you good to go.

score KM:5 KP:5


Both are flawless.

score KM:5 KP:5

Stock mouth piece (drip tip)

I prefer Kayfun Prime, it’s not perfect but at least it’s not all metal. You can replace both easily with standard 510 drip of your choice.

score KM:3 KP:4

Juice flow Control (JFC)

It is almost identical and works well, but you still need to count turns.

score KM:4 KP:4 

Air flow control (AFC)

This is one of the main differences between two tanks. KM3 has an internal screw (like Kayfun 4) to control the air flow. You need to take the tank off the mod, unscrew the bottom plate and then adjust the airflow with tiny screwdriver. And then put everything back. Kayfun Prime is using an external ring, not perfect, but definitely more convenient.

score KM3:2 KP:4

Top fill

Same, no gurgling or flooding. But Prime’s top cap is designed better and juice ports are wider.

score KM:4 KP:5

Ease of re-building

Both are excellent, but Prime’s deck is a bit easier to build due to the post construction. 

score KM:4, KP:5

Note for Prime: Supplied flat head screws secure coil leads better than those with the philips heads in the previous picture


Both produce excellent flavour.

score KM:5 KP:5


Both are true MTL tanks. You can make KM3 tighter than Kayfun Prime.

Both produce smooth draw with no turbulence, but KM3 is noisier.

score KM:4 KP:5

Aesthetics (no score)

This is very subjective but I prefer the look of Prime over Mini, with its 22 mm  it looks more balanced than skinny tall KM3.

Cost (no score)

Prime is about $20 more and 4.5 ml tank is optional (extra $$). No 4.5 ml option for KM3.

Bottom line. They are similar and yet very different RTAs but both deliver a very good quality mouth-to-lung vape. Kayfun Prime might not be a revolutionary step above Kayfun Mini V3 but definitely a significant improvement.




  1. From Argentina, Here a MTL vaper ! Thank for you work and time ! Still here ! best 4 you.