Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Berserker MTL RTA vs. Kayfun Prime

When I decided to quit smoking, about 2.5 years ago, my local vape shop wisely recommended a starter kit with Nautilus Mini tank. The logic was simple, Nautilus tank mimics cigarette “tight draw”, meaning that you have to suck the vape into your mouth first and then inhale into the lungs. It’s called Mouth To Lung (MTL). Other tanks are more suited for an “open draw”, when you can inhale directly to lungs (DTL).

Usually the tank is either MTL or DTL or, sometimes,  it's a hybrid tank (a DTL tank with interchangeable air flow reducers).

For the past couple years the market was completely dominated by DTL tanks/RDAs/RDTAs and etc. with few exceptions. True MTL tanks were still produced by artisan shops in Europe but in small batches and were (and still are) difficult to get.

I tried a few sub-ohm tanks but never really liked them. I was enjoying Kayfun Mini 3 and almost lost hope to see new proper MTL products.

And then, in September, the MTL crowd was treated with not just one but two true MTL tanks. The first is Berserker MTL RTA, made in China by Vandy Vapes, and another one is Kayfun Prime, made in Germany by Svöe Mesto.

I bought them both immediately and after vaping them side by side for a few days decided to share my opinion.

It is not a review  but rather a comparison based on my very subjective scoring system.

Here it goes, my very subjective assessment of two new MTL tanks, Berserker (4.5 ml) and Kayfun Prime (with 4.5ml tank extension).

Tested with the same build (round Kanthal, 27 GA, 6 wraps, 2.5 mm) and same juice (70%VG/30%PG).

Cleanliness on arrival

Both tanks arrived clean with no smell of oil. Quick rinse and you good to go.
score B:5 KP:5


Both are excellent, but KP has an edge here, machining and threading on it is flawless.
score B:4 KP:5

Mouth Piece (drip tip)

I prefer Berserker, the shape of their mouth piece is very comfortable. KP looks good and does the job but it's just another drip tip with the narrow bore.
score B:5 KP:4

Juice flow Control (JFC)

There is none on Berserker. KP has it, it might not be the best implementation because you still need to count rotations, but works well
score B:0 KP:4

Air flow control (AFC)

AFC ring on Berserker is under engineered, it’s loose and can be easily knocked off into a different position. KP implementation is much better, but over engineered and stiff.
score B:2 KP:4

Top fill

Without JFC it doesn’t work well for Berserker and leads to gurgling and flooding. Kayfun - as expected (due to JFC) zero issues. I have to mention that bottom fill addresses gurgling/flooding with Berserker
score B:1 KP:5

Ease of re-building

Both are excellent, super easy to re-build without draining the tank
score B:5, KP:5


Both produce excellent flavour
score B:5 KP:5


Both are true MTL tanks. But overall Berserker seems tighter while Kayfun Prime is a bit more open, which may have appeal to a broader audience. At the middle settings  they are almost identical, yet KP seems a bit more airy. Both are very quiet, produce smooth draw with no turbulence.
score B:5 KP:5

Aesthetics (no score)

This is very subjective but I prefer the cleaner look of KP with no visible gaskets/o-rings.

Cost (no score)

One is made in China, another one in Germany. Berserker comes with both tank options and you can buy 4 of them for the price of one KP. 4.5 ml tank is extra for KP. How important is price difference is up to you.

Bottom line. They are similar and yet very different RTAs but both deliver excellent quality mouth-to-lung vape. I can recommend them both to any MTL user with no hesitation.


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