Thursday, 25 May 2017

Pods for JUUL by ZiiP Lab

As much as I like JUUL there is one big issue - it's almost impossible to get pods in Canada.  About a month ago I came across new company, ZiiP Lab, they claim that their pods are compatible with JUUL batteries. Almost immediately I ordered couple packages, Tobacco and Strawberry Milk.

The initial impression was very positive. Each pod contains 1 ml of juice at 30 mg strength, works well with original JUUL batteries.

A week later after getting my first order  ZiiP Lab  announced Mango-flavoured pods. Obviously  I ordered them too along with Mint and Cappuccino.

The second batch pods are slightly different in size. The first ones were a bit too tight, but now they perfectly fit JUUL. No leaking or dry hits, good throat hit, the flavours are subtle but good, and reflect the description, may be except for tobacco, but I am really picky when it comes to tobacco flavours. Mango is really tasty!

According to ZiiP Lab, they will be releasing their own device soon, again very similar to JUUL,

followed by BO/MVE compatible pods in the next month or so.

Bottom line, those ZiiPs work fine and it's great to have "JUUL" pods finally available for non-US customers

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