Sunday, 2 April 2017

New toys

Nicotine Salts.
Originally introduced by JUUL, nicotine salts supposedly are closer to natural nicotine found in tobacco leafs  than traditional freebase nic which is used in conventional e-liquids.  Is it because of salts or high nic level - I don’t know, but JUUL vaping is extremely satisfying, I need only several puffs to get my nic fix.

Followed JUUL’s success other companies also started making salts-based e-liquids. I found Mr. SALT-E readily available here in Toronto and decided to test it side by side with JUUL. I chose 48mg concentration.

The first impression is very positive, it might not have the same throat hit as JUUL by very satisfying vape. Definitely would like to try their Tobacco line.  Obviously, at this concentration, it is not intended for your standard atomizer or chain vaping. Considering that I am vaping  less frequently now the juice consumption is very low and one 30 ml bottle will probably last several weeks.

What else... happy with my recently purchased iCare Solo. It's a solid little clearomizer, very well made, no leaking, good flavour. Now is being used exclusively with nic salts.

Vaping old school style.
Couple weeks ago I came across LR510 SLR Bridgeless 1.0ohm Atomizer, a non rebuildable dripping atty that also can be used with bottom feeding squonkers. It was popular back in 2012 and several models are still manufactured by Avid Vaper, available in various colours, lengths, ohm resistances.

Works very well to test new juices and great fun to use. BTW, that Le Patriote SE is now my favourite tobacco-flavoured juice.

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