Friday, 21 October 2016

Hadaly by Psyclone Mods

I think it's worth the hype.

Made in China, 304 SS. RDA is well machined, clean on arrival, low profile, super easy to build, does both MTL and DTL (thanks to the dual air flow channels), BF pin is included. Readily available and price is very reasonable.

The draw can be adjusted from loose MTL to restricted DTL and the flavour is really excellent.

Little niggles.
The fit and finish outside is very good, inside - could have been done a bit better. But I didn’t expect the same quality as the SnapDragon and the price reflects it.

The allen key for BF pin is not included, I tried a few hex wrenches and none of them matches the pin (2.5 is too big, 2.0 is too small) so I used flat head screw.
* The right size is 3/32

Bottom line, Hadaly is an excellent flavour RDA and super easy to build. Definitely a keeper.


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