Sunday, 12 June 2016


I have couple good quality RDAs but never was really into dripping, didn't like the idea of adding juice after every few puffs. Here is my first foray into squonking. Please welcome SnapDragon and Halcyon.

SnapDarogon is a top notch RDA made by Eden Mods. Absolutely marvelous piece of engineering and craftsmanship. You can use it either as a dripper or, with provided bottom-feeding pin, with the squonker.
Halcyon is a squonking mod with DNA 200 board made by Lost Vape. It is not small!

The bottle holds up to 8 ml of juice. The quality is OK, there are few minor annoyances but everything works fine.

I am using a single coil clapton build in SnapDragon and the quality of vape, especially flavour, is truly outstanding. Very happy with my purchase.


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