Saturday, 13 February 2016

Kayfun Mini V3 and Minivolt

Another "couldn't resist" purchase. New RTA by SvoëMesto and small regulated box mod by The Council of Vapor.

I decided to do a quick comparison with some of my other favourite RTA , Erlkonigin, Kayfun 4 and Origen, using the same build and juice.

So, some conclusions. Keep in mind that it’s very subjective and only from an MTL user perspective.
1.  Price – cheaper than the rest, but difficult to compare. K4 had a really generous package while Origen came in a small plastic bag and didn't include drip tip.
2.  Build quality – top notch, on par with other high end RTAs
3.  Ease of taking apart for cleaning – excellent, very easy, on par with Erl. Better than Origen or K4 which can be very stubborn
4.  Ease of building – excellent, very forgiving, similar to K4 and definitely easier than Origen or Erl
5.  Ease of refilling – excellent, similar to K4, more convenient than Origen or Erl
6.  Leak proof – excellent, similar to K4, better than the other two
7.  Noise level – good, better than Erl, but a bit noisier than K4 and Origen.
8.  Air control – OK, not really convenient but same can be said about the other three.
Now, how about flavour? Extremely difficult to judge, all four are excellent and yet very different. In my opinion it’s slightly better than K4, similar to Erl but Origen still the king (even with the cotton wick).
After using KM3 for several days I couldn’t find any issues or problems to report. I really like liquid flow control, no flooding or dry hits. Here is my build (28G@1.2) after 8 tanks, 50/50 juice, ~15W 

Bottom line - I like it a lot.

Thanks for dropping by, Victor

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