Saturday, 19 November 2016

JUUL v2 by PAX Labs

Finally, I managed to get JUUL, another well-regarded modern cigalike, arguably the best on the market today.

It’s a small, lightweight, user-friendly device that delivers excellent throat hit. I don't get any spitbacks or dry hits. Size comparison:

The draw (tight, MTL) and throat hit are very close to a real cigarette (as I remember). With 5% nicotine, it’s obviously not meant for chain vaping. After just couple hits I feel light headed. On the other hand, I don’t have urges for another good hour or two.
If you are a smoker who is trying to quit, this little device will definitely make your transition to vaping easy.
For me, JUUL is perfect for a quick stealth nicotine fix in the office.

The only con is JUUL is not available here in Canada,  I hope that eventually one of the local retailers will become an official distributor for Pax Labs products.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Hadaly by Psyclone Mods

I think it's worth the hype.

Made in China, 304 SS. RDA is well machined, clean on arrival, low profile, super easy to build, does both MTL and DTL (thanks to the dual air flow channels), BF pin is included. Readily available and price is very reasonable.

The draw can be adjusted from loose MTL to restricted DTL and the flavour is really excellent.

Little niggles.
The fit and finish outside is very good, inside - could have been done a bit better. But I didn’t expect the same quality as the SnapDragon and the price reflects it.

The allen key for BF pin is not included, I tried a few hex wrenches and none of them matches the pin (2.5 is too big, 2.0 is too small) so I used flat head screw.
* The right size is 3/32

Bottom line, Hadaly is an excellent flavour RDA and super easy to build. Definitely a keeper.


Thursday, 8 September 2016

My. Von Erl. Tabak Menthol

Tastes much better, very subjective of course. Reminds me real menthol smoke.

Nice packaging.

Next is Le Patriote, which I have already tried in my  Kayfun M3 and like it. We'll see.


Monday, 5 September 2016

Re-filling My. Von Erl. pods

It didn't take long. I finished my first pod and, instead of throwing it away, decided to re-fill it. I know, that was not the reason to buy it in the first place, but I'm a hobbyist after all :)
Disclaimer: If you want to follow instructions below, please do it at your own risk

Actually, it was pretty easy and straight forward. All you need is a pair of tweezers.

1. Pull out the base (with coil and cotton) and also little "plastic chimney", which covers the base and attached to the metal tube.

2. Fill the pod with your juice (it takes about 1.6 ml)

3. Attach that little "plastic chimney" to the base and push the assembly back into the pod

4. Make sure that everything sits secure and you are good to go

Not sure how long it will last or how many times you can re-fill the pod, but so far no leaking and it seems working just fine.



Sunday, 4 September 2016

My. Von Erl.

Lately, I feel tired of all the maintenance that my style of vaping is required. Re-wicking, re-coiling, dealing with leaking, etc. Even clearomizers still sometimes pain in the neck. I also find myself constantly vaping rather than having an indulging “smoke break”. Yes, the quality of vape is excellent but my life doesn't revolve around vaping gear and sometimes I just need a quick, "no hassle", nicotine fix. After reading some positive reviews I decided to try what by many considered as the most convenient way to get this nicotine fix - the new generation of cigalikes. Powerful and yet small and light, capable of producing decent vape without a hassle. My.VonErl. is my first foray into the closed systems.

Designed in Austria and assembled in Canada, the e-liquid is also made in Canada.

Even my smallest combo is still way heavier than Von Erl which you can use "hands-free", like a small cigar.

Compact, light and super easy to use. No buttons, power or airflow adjustments. Leak proof, pocket-friendly. Very well made and sleek. Kind of an Apple approach to get a quick nicotine fix.

The draw is very consistent but a bit loose. In my opinion it's more suited for restricted directly-to-lung hits rather than mouth-to-lung.

On a few occasions device misfired and I sucked some of the e-juice. I don't like the supplied "Tabak", it has some floral notes. Definitely not the best choice for tobacco flavor, considering that Labo LVS has their excellent Le Patriote and Movember e-liquids.

Yes, it's way more expensive than DIY approach but I don't mind to pay extra for the convenience.
Apparently you can re-fill the pods, just check youtube, but in my opinion, it defeats the purpose.

I am not sure yet what role “closed systems” will play in my "smoke free" life, but so far I like the experience. JUUL is next on the list.  



Sunday, 12 June 2016


I have couple good quality RDAs but never was really into dripping, didn't like the idea of adding juice after every few puffs. Here is my first foray into squonking. Please welcome SnapDragon and Halcyon.

SnapDarogon is a top notch RDA made by Eden Mods. Absolutely marvelous piece of engineering and craftsmanship. You can use it either as a dripper or, with provided bottom-feeding pin, with the squonker.
Halcyon is a squonking mod with DNA 200 board made by Lost Vape. It is not small!

The bottle holds up to 8 ml of juice. The quality is OK, there are few minor annoyances but everything works fine.

I am using a single coil clapton build in SnapDragon and the quality of vape, especially flavour, is truly outstanding. Very happy with my purchase.


Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Today's setup

Pico by Eleaf is a new addition to my collection. Compact, fully featured single 18650 battery mod with temperature control and upgradable firmware. Very solid and well made.

Mod came with Melo III tank, which I am using with Aspire Triton coils for rare DTL sub-ohm vaping,

but more often with trusty Kayfun 4 or Kayfun Mini 3, as MTL my preferred method.

I tried SS 316L coils in temperature control and it works fine, but I wasn't impressed with the vape. So, it's in standard power (wattage) mode for now.

All the best,

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Kayfun Mini V3 and Minivolt

Another "couldn't resist" purchase. New RTA by SvoëMesto and small regulated box mod by The Council of Vapor.

I decided to do a quick comparison with some of my other favourite RTA , Erlkonigin, Kayfun 4 and Origen, using the same build and juice.

So, some conclusions. Keep in mind that it’s very subjective and only from an MTL user perspective.
1.  Price – cheaper than the rest, but difficult to compare. K4 had a really generous package while Origen came in a small plastic bag and didn't include drip tip.
2.  Build quality – top notch, on par with other high end RTAs
3.  Ease of taking apart for cleaning – excellent, very easy, on par with Erl. Better than Origen or K4 which can be very stubborn
4.  Ease of building – excellent, very forgiving, similar to K4 and definitely easier than Origen or Erl
5.  Ease of refilling – excellent, similar to K4, more convenient than Origen or Erl
6.  Leak proof – excellent, similar to K4, better than the other two
7.  Noise level – good, better than Erl, but a bit noisier than K4 and Origen.
8.  Air control – OK, not really convenient but same can be said about the other three.
Now, how about flavour? Extremely difficult to judge, all four are excellent and yet very different. In my opinion it’s slightly better than K4, similar to Erl but Origen still the king (even with the cotton wick).
After using KM3 for several days I couldn’t find any issues or problems to report. I really like liquid flow control, no flooding or dry hits. Here is my build (28G@1.2) after 8 tanks, 50/50 juice, ~15W 

Bottom line - I like it a lot.

Thanks for dropping by, Victor

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

One Year Smoke Free and Final Words

Yes, folks, one year ago I had my last cigarette and not a single puff since then.

It was an interesting journey.

I was a pack-a-day smoker for 35 years who was diagnosed with early stages of COPD. That's when I decided to quit smoking for the first time. I tried almost every cessation method available (gums, patches, counselling, acupancture, etc) and none of them worked. I thought that I was doomed until I tried e-cigarette and miracle happened, I never touched a cigarette again. My first device was Aspire Premium kit with Nautilus Mini tank and variable voltage battery. I also tried a variety of smaller (cigarette alike) products but didn't like those.
Although the starter kit helped me to battle cravings for a cigarette smoke I still was missing a good cigar. But then I quickly learned how to rebuild the atomiser by making my own coils and wicks and purchased a more advanced tank - Kayfun 4. This significantly improved my vaping experience, the vape became dense, saturated with flavour.  I also moved to making my own  e-liquids where I can control ingredients, flavour and nicotine levels. As of today, I am very happy with my hardware and home made juice.

I am not sure if I will keep posting on this blog as it has served its purpose, so some final thoughts.

1. I don't see myself quitting vaping anytime soon. Smoker is a smoker for life and I still have cravings. Not too often and not too intense, but still have them once in a while.
2. Harm Reduction. There are tons of completely false, not scientifically proved  articles painting vaping as harmful as smoking tobacco. If you are looking for a true story read real studies. There is a reason why Public Health England concluded that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. I will continue to publish studies at VAPENEWS HEADLINES FROM AROUND THE WORLD.
3. Where to buy. Nothing helps more with choosing the right device than a knowledgeable sales person in a good old brick-n-mortar store. Ask for a demo. Here, in GTA, I can recommend DashVapes. Great selection and very helpful staff.
4. First Vape. Start with an authentic kit from a well-known company (like Joyetech, Aspire, Kanger or Innokin) and neutral / mint e-liquid with an adequate level of nicotine, don't go too low at the beginning.
5. Safety. Don't assume that all available products are completely safe to use for a novice, especially unregulated mechanical mods. Know your gear.
6. Where to learn. I recommend to join ECF and ask questions, you will get a lot of help there. Watch Phil Busardo on youtube, great stuff.
7. Don't wait. I have no doubt that industry is still in its infancy and we will see better, safer and more technologically advanced devices soon, but don't wait, quit smoking today.

All of the above is just my personal opinion, do your own research and enjoy the vape!

All the best, Victor