Sunday, 4 October 2015

High-end gear

I like good quality vaping gear. But high-end stuff (drip tips, mods, atomisers, etc) is usually produced in small batches, not cheap and hard to find. And it's totally unnecessary if you want to quit smoking. A simple inexpensive starter kit from  a mainstream  company like Joyetech, Aspire, Kangertech or Wismec will do the trick. So why custom made drip tips, mods and high-end tanks? For me, it's an aesthetical aspect of vaping, appreciation of original engineering and craftsmanship.
For a example, vintage drip tips hand tuned by Graeme Kilminster (Siam Mods)

Those drip tips are from vintage pen rods made in Le Mans in 30s and used by famous pen makers.

Another example is Origen Genesis by Norbert.

Yes, you can buy a clone for the fraction of the price, but, at least in my experience, none of them work the same way as the original.

Similar and yet totally different.

I also don't know what they are made from. Authentic products like Kayfun, Erlkonigin, Taifun, Squape, etc. are made to the highest standards from the quality stainless steel and their performance is exceptional. I don't want to go into another debate clone vs. authentic, it's just my preference.

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