Sunday, 27 September 2015

Eight months smoke free.

And it feels great. I am finding vaping enjoyable as well and it's becoming a real hobby. I like to try new setups, to experiment with flavours and wicking methods. This time, I treated myself with a couple vintage drip tips ( by Siam Mods) and Origen Genesis RBA by Norbert.
Although I have several high-end atomisers and fancy drip tips I always remember that it only took a basic battery and tank to put the smokes away.

I am glad to see how fast the industry is evolving. Better and safer vaping products are coming to the market almost every day. Unfortunately, the majority of smokers are still unaware how effective e-cigarettes as a cessation method. If you search the internet 90% percent of articles describe vaping as harmful as smoking if not worse. This misleading and irresponsible information causes millions of deaths that could have been prevented by switching to vaping.

On the bright side, the UK Government has made a bold move. After analysing various studies, they  have concluded that vaping is 95% safer than smoking.   Even more,  British smokers urged to start vaping by health officials.

I hope this is just the beginning and have positive impact on regulations here in Canada.

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