Sunday, 23 August 2015

Seven months smoke free

Another vapervesary. I am doing well and have absolutely no desire to go back to smoking.  I am glad to see that positive aspects of vaping are getting more recognition among the authorities. The Public Health of England just published an article that E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful to your health than normal cigarettes. Isn't it great? New e-cigarette products and technologies are coming to the market almost every day, making vaping safer and more affordable.
What am I vaping on today? I am using a wide variety of different atties and mods, from mainstream like Triton to more high-end like NextGen. And almost exclusively I am vaping on my own home-brewed e-juice. Unfortunately my beloved iStick50's gone, probably I shouldn't wash it under the running water:)  Today my "go-with-me" mod is Presa, from a new company called Wismec.

Small, inexpensive, simple to operate and yet very well made. I tried iStick 100W but it was too bulky for me. Sigelei 75W was also a good contender but, in my opinion, temperature control devices are not ready yet.

That's all,

Sunday, 16 August 2015

My first DIY e-liquid

My vaping hobby has further evolved. Since the very beginning of my vaping journey I realized that making own coils is not just cheaper but also safer. Back in January/February I read several articles about supplied stock coils and how they may contain some potentially harmful materials, which was great concern to me and many other vapers.  Building your own coils is not entirely convinient but at least you know what they are made from.  I was glad to see that industry quickly responded to overwhelmed concern and now majority of stock coils are made from pure Kanthal and organic cotton.  And then boom, several well known e-cig retailers conducted independent testing of leading e-liquids and found dangerous levels of Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl, chemicals that are harmful to lungs. Apparently not the first case, google for Suicide Bunny story in 2014. So I decided to take a do-it-yourself path and make my own e-liquids.

After some research I ordered PG, VG and Nicotine base from the First Choice Vapor and flavourings from the All E-cig Solutions.  Nicotine base sold by First Choice Vapor is considered as one of the best (read comparison here) on the Canadian market and I like how All E-cig Solutions advise on flavourings containing harmful chemicals. I am pleased with my buying experience, both retailers offered  good pricing, great support and fast shipment.
To calculate proper amounts of ingredients I am using Juice Calculator

Warning: this post is not a course on DIY safety or encouragement to make your own e-juice. You really need to know what you doing and protect yourself and others from a very poisonous  nicotine! In high concentrations it can kill even if exposed to the skin only. 

I do all mixings in a well ventilated clean environment with rubber gloves and protective goggles on and store all ingredients in lockbox in the basement. Before I mixed my first batch I tested my protective measures, setup and workflow using bottles filled with water until I was fully confident that it is safe to proceed.
So here it goes, my first creation, tobacco-esque 50%VG/50%PG @ 6mg e-liquid.

Total cost for 30ml is $1.69
I steeped it for 48 hours before trying. Maybe I am just a lucky noob but flavour is great, decent throat hit and vapour production,

All the best,