Friday, 31 July 2015

Tasting new tobacco flavours

I am not really into tobacco flavours anymore. A simple not sweet e-juice with subtle  coffee/dark chocolate undertones works just fine for me. But after visiting Vapecan I decided to try some new (to me) tobacco e-juices.

Morning Tobacco by Canada E Juice - 100%VG. A bit too strong floral undertones, not to my liking. May become better after steeping.

American Blend by Von Erl - PG/VG ?. Same as above, too strong floral tones.

deMoores by eSplash - 50PG/50VG. Fresh, not too sweet, subtle tobacco undertones. OK.

do More by Vaporus - 50PG/50VG. Similar to the above but stronger throat hit. Tobacco tones are more pronounced. Actually not bad.

Movember by LABO LVS - 70PG/30VG. Wow, very bold flavour.  Don't be deceived by the green bottle, the juice colour is slightly yellowish. Tastes like strong Virginia pipe tobacco. A bit sweeter than I like but overall good. If you like pipe tobacco flavours - try this one.

Similar to my previous tobacco testing I can't say that I found a perfect tobacco e-liquid. Still "floral" undertones and artificial sweetness. But keep in mind that tasting is very subjective and your opinion, most likely, will be different.


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