Saturday, 25 July 2015

Six months smoke free

Not a single puff since January 23.  This time I treated myself with another inexpensive tank, Triton by Aspire.

And I am totally impressed. Very well made, clever design and flavour is simply phenomenal.  I am using stock 1.8 ohm head, with top airflow completely closed and bottom closed to about 1 mm on each side. I can't stand metal drip tips and replaced original with the one from the Siam mods.

Absolutely fantastic vape with 20PG/80VG juice, saturated and loaded with flavour. I have to say the vape quality is very close or even on-par with Kayfun 4. Great tank for flavour chasers, definitely better than my previous favourite Silo Beast.

That's all, thanks for dropping by,

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