Sunday, 12 July 2015

BX SX350 Mod by Anatolian

Looking for a High End Mod? Not sure what other folks consider "HEM" but there are plenty of well made highly priced mods available on the market, either you're looking for mechanical or regulated. Some can be purchased directly from the on-line stores, others only through the membership in the Facebook groups. Pictures of those illusive mods on FB are absolutely terrific. I joined several such groups to find good, well made wood box. When Anatolian announced their BX SX350 mods on the FB page I jumped and nabbed one in Cocobolo finish.

BX 074 arrived in rather plain box, no company logo, user guide or anything else. I was expecting a bit more sophisticated presentation. The real issue was not the box but the sticky button, it just stuck in the firing position.  Another minor issue - the front plate wasn't flash, nothing big, but aesthetically not pleasing.

I contacted modders and was advised to disassemble the unit and fix it myself, because the shipping for repair is too expensive. Huh? OK let's do-it-yourself then.

To work on Anatolian BX you will need some tools, at least torx T7 to unscrew the plate. Be very careful, the control board is glued to the back of the plate with tons of silicone all over the place. No wonder it was a piece of silicone that stuck under the front plate preventing it from being flash. I just cut it out with scalpel. The sticky button was fixed by cleaning the button housing with rubbing alcohol. I also added a piece of tape to the back of the button, to reduce the throw (make it softer).

At the end I got a fully functioning wood box mod which also looks aesthetically pleasing.
I haven't polished the wood yet, not sure if it needs one. It is perfect, very complex curves and beautiful grain. May be just a bit of wax. The wood is the only positive thing I can say about the mod.   The rest is simply poor craftsmanship, sloppy assembly work. I wouldn't call it HEM, but rather an over priced do-it-yourself kit. Would I buy another Anatolian? Most likely not. There is nothing more annoying than getting a brand new mod and having to fix it instead of vaping with it.

Thanks for dropping by, Victor

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