Sunday, 28 June 2015

Five months smoke free

My vaping journey continues. Cravings are gone completely. Couple days ago I was vaping outside of my office discussing e-cigarettes with smokers, and for the first time, I didn't like the smell of the burning tobacco leaves. It was actually quite nasty. I understand that vaping in its current form might not work for everyone, but at least you should try and find out it for yourself.
What's new? Nothing much. On my quest for a perfect vape I decided to experiment with genesis style atomizers and try new flavours.

I picked up highly regarded Origen Genesis v2 and NextGen. As usual I started with clones to see if the method works for me. There is definitely a learning curve. I spent several days building and rebuilding both experimenting with mesh, wires and juices. At the end I come to conclusion that yes, the flavour is absolutely fantastic! Both attys produced dense, saturated vape with tones flavour.  Out of two I like NextGen better. Easier to build, no leaking (very clever design) and better (more restrict) draw for MTL vaper like me. Directly to lung hitters would probably prefer Origen Genesis because of the dual coil setup. Obviously I my next step would be to go and purchase the authentic. But it's not that simple. Production of NextGen is very limited and demand is huge. The distribution is managed by the closed Facebook group and it takes time, efforts and luck to get on the list. But I am patient.

Thanks for dropping by, Victor.

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