Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Pimping my Kayfun 4

Couple days ago I visited DashVapes  to pick up some juice and came back (as always) with goodies that I didn't plan to buy.  Bell cap by the Munoz Brothers , PICO+ drip tip by JMK and Unicorn bottle.

Sales person specifically advised that "out-of-the-box" JMK drip tip won't work with K4 because bore is slightly narrower than on original Kayfun drip tip. But I decided to test my drilling skills :)

Made in France by the Munoz brothers, the bell cap creates a whole new look for your Kayfun by greatly reducing the size and the weight. If you wish it can be polished to a crystal clear finish. The setup is sealed by the original drip tip ø 5mm in diameter.

Everything worked just fine. No leaking, convenient top fill. Remove the drip tip, fill the tank, put it back on (don't forget to close juice control of course).

But I still was looking for further reduce the heigh and change the look. So I picked 5mm drill bit and slightly drilled out and guess what? JMK tip fitted the cap/chimney snug. I really like the new look, size and weight.

I did a quick comparison with Chinese version. Chinese cap has a different shape, no bell curve inside and sealed by the additional o-ring inside. And it's clear, French version is frosted (but you can make it clear too).

That o-ring inside is a problem, it makes easier to use various drip tips but impossible to fill the tank from the top. The only way to fill the tank is from the bottom, either through the juice feeding holes in the main chamber or directly by pouring juice into the bell cap, but then you need to use supplied plastic plug. In both cases you have to unscrew the tank. I may add more pictures later to illustrate.

Bottom line, the French version is way more convenient to use. Vape performance is the same.

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