Friday, 1 May 2015

Orchid V6

After watching some positive reviews on YouTube I decided to try Orchid 6 myself, to see if this particular RTA will work to my liking. That what I usually do before buying authentics. I test them.  The RTA arrived in a simple box with couple spares and allen wrench for AFC screws. Nothing fancy. Clean, no machine oil.

I have to admit it's very well made.

All stainless steel, glass tank, smooth threading, adjustable gold (?) plated centre pin. Bigger than I expected, dimensions are similar to K4.

Everything is snag.
Very easy to build deck. I put two 24 GA Kanthal coils @ 0.3 oHm and KGD cotton. Make sure that wicks are hulky in the middle but short, no need to put cotton tails into the juice channels.

I trimmed cotton more on the right side after taking the picture. Primed the wick just a bit, put everything back and fill up it from the bottom. Make sure that air flow control screws at he bottom are closed using supplied allen wrench.

It vapes all right, no leaking (almost) or any issues. Very good draw for MTL vaper like myself, but vape is not entirely to my liking, a bit warmer then I would prefer and the flavour is somewhat muted. May be dual coils sub ohm vaping is just not for me. I may re-build it later using 28GA wires, to  bring it above the ohm and then I might change my mind.

P.S. 1 ohm @ 20W  - the vape is much better (personal opinion of course).

P.S.S. Is Orchid v6 a clone or original engineering from China? I tried to contact AetherTech only to see 404 error.


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