Friday, 8 May 2015

New tank for Erlkönigin too

Not because I wanted to change the look but because inevitable happened, I dropped my beloved Erlkönigin and broke the frosted glass tank.

I could still use the original co-polymer tank, but didn't like it. Luckily about a week ago I ordered a replacement glass tank form IBTanked which I received the very next day after disaster.

Tank arrived very well packaged and to my surprise also included spare o-rings. All for $5!

The new tank is identical in dimensions, only walls are slightly (0.2mm?) thicker than original.

Very well made, no chips or any other imperfections. Perfectly fits the atty and looks identical to the original.

I am very happy with my new tank and can highly recommend IBTanked solution to anyone who is looking for a spare glass tank.

Thanks for dropping by,

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