Saturday, 23 May 2015

Four months smoke free

On January 23 I had my last cigarette.  At the beginning I was counting every day, every week since my last puff, not anymore. Cravings are gone and only the banner above reminds me that I used to be a pack a day smoker.  Of course I treated myself with a little present, marvellous hand made drip tip by Graeme Kilminster (Siam Mods, UK).

After trying a good number of various devices and vaping techniques I realized that my preferred method is mouth-to-lung draw and flavour is more important than clouds. I am very happy with my current setup, Kayfun 4 and Erlkönigin, authentic with few add-ons.

I am no longer looking for a perfect "tobacco" e-liquid. The last one I tried was from Hangsen, HS Golden Tobacco (aka RY6) and HS Delight

HS Delight has very strong floral undertones. HS Golden Tobacco is mildly sweet, with nutty undertones, palette somewhat resembles Pipe Tobacco by local Canadian company DVine eJuice.
Nothing special overall. Now I am more interested in testing other flavours, like highly regarded Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve or Lucena by Five Pawns.

That's all. Thanks for dropping by, Victor.

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