Friday, 17 April 2015

Whimsical Queen of Flavour

Her Majesty Erlkönigin,  the Queen of Elfs from Innsbruck Austria, has finally arrived. In a plain card box.

I almost threw the box away when spotted additional piece attached to it.

It was a tiny translucent spacer for 510 pin hidden under the paper tape on the side

I put it on.

She was spotless, but I still took it apart and gave her a good bath as I usually do with every atomizers.

Put a simple coil build in and....everything worked! But our love affair didn't last long. Next time I changed the wick she showed me her short temper. Juice back spitting, gurgling, leaking - all possible troubles at once. I built and rebuilt her several times but no luck. My trusty Kayfun was whispering "Put her on the shelf and forget"
I was extremely frustrated. I've tried pbusardo, mark and twisted4320 methods - nothing worked. I almost give up until saw this tutorial:

That video saved Erlkönigin from a hammer!

Another wicking method from Qorax (even better)

Note: It's very important to keep the air flow fully closed when filling (re-filling) the tank, to prevent the chamber from flooding and leaking.

And she's finally given up. No more gurgling, leaking or back spitting juice on me. One perfect flavour. The best flavour I've ever had. Period.

She is still a bit noisy, but what do you expect from a fickle Queen? :)


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