Saturday, 4 April 2015

Cotton and wires

1. Vapowire by Temco. This is good ol' made in the USA high quality Kanthal A1 wire.  The cost is $11.99 at a local B&M store. 10 m = 1000 cm = 100 coils. Roughly 12 cents per coil.

2. Koh Gen Do 100% Pure Cotton, $22 delivered, made in Japan. 60 pads = 360 wicks. About 6 cents a wick.

Yes, you can buy much cheaper Kanthal and cotton from Fasttech or other sources like eBay. But are they clean products or contaminated with other stuff?  Good quality wire, wick and liquid are essential for healthy vaping. Folks, I don't really understand why someone would save pennies on cotton and wires. But that's me.

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