Saturday, 11 April 2015

Taifun GT II mystery clone

I buy clones only to test drive and if I see the potential I go for authentic. Taifun was not on my priority list but I couldn't resist to pick up what was called an "Authentic German Hookah Accessory"   in my local pawn shop.

So I decided to try it, and boy, that's was struggle.

It does look like a very well made copy of Taifun GT II. Even a glass tank is included.

But as every other clone it just looks good. Close inspection reveals deficiencies, like poor finishing

mismatching o-rings

and most of all, the bushing refuses to stay in position, sliding down even with the slightest  pressure

and disconnecting itself from the chimney

After spending some time with this clone I finally managed to make it work

 and got some decent vape. Actually very good vape. But it's still leaking once in a while.

I did some lookup on Fasttech but couldn't find exactly the same model,  so may be it's just my copy was so poorly made. I would not recommend this clone to anyone, even for the test drive..
But.... authentic Taifun GT II is now on my purchase list :)

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