Sunday, 5 April 2015

My Kayfun Saga. The King has arrived!

I used Tobeco clone as a guinea pig to learn and understand what real Kayfun could possibly add to my vaping experience. I struggled with it for a good few weeks before finally made it almost "leak free" (still leaking one in a while), fully operational atomizer with great vape. Authentic Kayfun 4 was ordered immediately.

As much I was unimpressed with the packaging the actual atty blew me away. Superb craftsmanship with attention to all details and most of all - SUPER SMOOTH operation. K4 was tight, but didn't jam and I could put it apart without pliers!  Quickly put the coil 1.4 ohm, loaded with high VG juice and fired it up at 13 Watts. The vape was dense, slightly warm, full of flavour, quiet and relaxing. I further adjusted the airflow to make the draw a bit more restrictive, and wow - it was like smoking a good cigar. Not too tight, not too airy. It was (and still is) the best atty I ever had. Period.

The difference between clone and authentic is obvious from the exterior:

and less obvious from the interior:

But there is one huge difference between them, it's how you feel it in your hand. Authentic is meticulously machined and operates superbly.  You feel quality in everything, super smooth.
Vape? I would lie if I say that authentic is ten times better than the clone. It's better...but clone does well too.

And, at the end of my saga, I'd like to post another little tribute to my beloved K4, authentic Kayfun 4.

NB: To unscrew the chimney liquid control ring should be in open position.

All the best, Victor

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  1. I'd prefer to pay $20 over $180 and have a great RTA. The real one is just too much money. They look, feel and vape exactly the same.