Friday, 3 April 2015

My Kayfun Saga. The Stubborn Clone.

I was really impressed with the Kayfun clone and started to work on it immediately. In this post I will reference a lot of parts, so please refer to the schematics below:

1. Taking apart.
I knew that everything will be tight but didn't expect it is THAT tight. No matter what I tried the clone just refused to give up. Despite all my efforts and different methods I had to use pliers to unscrew several parts:

2. Atomizer not found
I quickly put the coil and tested with my ohm meter. Only to see I (not number 1 as many think), which means "Infinite", which also means atomizer not found.

I disassembled it again and found that insulator and UC counter nut (10&11) were upside down. # 11 should be on top of # 10 facing the spring:

I also re-aligned atomizer desk insulator # 19 and positive block # 20 (you will need to unscrew center post # 14 using 6mm nut driver):

3. Leaking
Once of the reasons my clone was leaking from under the bottom was loosen UC counter screw # 9.  I had to tighten it up.

In the course of several days I took the clone apart and re-assembled probably 20 times and finally made it work without leaking.

The vape was great! Better than any other atty I have. But couple things bothered me. No matter how well I lubricated threads I kept using pliers to unscrew the chimney (evaporation chamber # 26) and juice control ring #5 felt really crunchy.

At the end I decided to buy the authentic Kayfun 4.

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