Sunday, 19 April 2015

eGo ONE didn't last long

After one month of a very moderate use the o-rings are falling apart. And no spare parts provided.

May be the o-ring is optional? Or at least the size is published? No. Joyetech didn't bother to provide anything for what apparently is highly wear and tear part. Luckily I found one o-ring in my tool box that fit and so far it's working fine.

But why manufactures assume that all vapers are DIY hobbyists and always carry various o-rings in their pockets?

"The one device for everyone" should not require a ruler to measure the size of the o-ring(s) and the visit to a local hardware store.
Actually the replacement of wear'n'tear parts shouldn't require any efforts at all. Either provide them as part of the package or as an option for additional cost. Or at least publish specifications so users can buy them ahead of time. Ease of use and convenience  are critical success factors.

As much as I like eGo ONE, it is off the purchase list. At least for now.

2015-04-23 Update. Joytech provided specifications:

external diameter:16mm
internal diameter:14mm

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