Friday, 24 April 2015

No more tangled wires

Beadalon Spool Tamer, Adjustable Wire Dispenser. I use these when working with Kanthal wires and they are just great.

No longer I have wires going everywhere. The package includes 3 pcs, exactly for my 3 spools of 28, 26 and 24 GA wires.

Bought it for $4.59 from Amazon

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Vape Photography 2015-04-22

Few recent vape photographs that I would like to share:

1. Perfect flavour is always in pursuit

2. Chasing different clouds

3. David and Goliath

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Monday, 20 April 2015

The comprehensive collection of vape related news and articles.


All aspects of using e-cigarettes focusing on health studies, regulations, new products and reviews. For adult smokers who want to quit.


Curated by VictorC


New logo and description.


Sunday, 19 April 2015

eGo ONE didn't last long

After one month of a very moderate use the o-rings are falling apart. And no spare parts provided.

May be the o-ring is optional? Or at least the size is published? No. Joyetech didn't bother to provide anything for what apparently is highly wear and tear part. Luckily I found one o-ring in my tool box that fit and so far it's working fine.

But why manufactures assume that all vapers are DIY hobbyists and always carry various o-rings in their pockets?

"The one device for everyone" should not require a ruler to measure the size of the o-ring(s) and the visit to a local hardware store.
Actually the replacement of wear'n'tear parts shouldn't require any efforts at all. Either provide them as part of the package or as an option for additional cost. Or at least publish specifications so users can buy them ahead of time. Ease of use and convenience  are critical success factors.

As much as I like eGo ONE, it is off the purchase list. At least for now.

2015-04-23 Update. Joytech provided specifications:

external diameter:16mm
internal diameter:14mm

Saturday, 18 April 2015

My vape of the day. 2015-04-18

Here you go, Grand Reserve Crème de la Crème by Phillip Rocke. Batch# 00305.
"Made with the extract of real Arabica coffee beans and all natural flavorings, it is aged & steeped in reclaimed brandy barrels for 2 1/2 months before bottling". 80VG/20PG, e-liquid filtered to perfection and released only couple times a year.

This is not an ordinary e-liquid. You can really taste natural coffee and cream, with (!) brandy/whiskey undertones. And yet all flavours are so well blended together. Very smooth vape, zero chemical undertones. This e-liquid reminds me..Frangelico liquor? Baileys?

Does it resemble AlienVisions Boba's Bounty? I tried them side by side and the answer is no. Grand Reserve is in a different league.

I vaped it on Nautilus Mini, K4 and Erlkönigin and results are consistently excellent. Might be the best e-liquid I've tried to date.

Highly recommended.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Whimsical Queen of Flavour

Her Majesty Erlkönigin,  the Queen of Elfs from Innsbruck Austria, has finally arrived. In a plain card box.

I almost threw the box away when spotted additional piece attached to it.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The energy puff?

Came across this device today from Eagle Energy. No sugar, no calories. Marketed as natural source of energy not as an e-cigaretee. More like the energy drink. But it is e-cigarette:

Picture above is property of Eagle Energy Vapor

And it's packaged and vapes like any other cigalike e-cigarette. The flavour is awful.

Ingredients include ethyl butyrate, acetylpyrazine and many more, including caffeine and Vitamin C :)

The energy puff? Red Bull e-cig? What the heck???
Stay away.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

My vape of the day. 2015-04-11

Today I am vaping on e-juice from Frisco Vapor.
Fillmore and Presidio  are listed as tobacco flavour and

both are not.

Fillmore is not sweet and definitely on the nutty side, with VERY subtle tobacco undertones. Overall pleasant vape, at least for a former tobacco lover.
Presidio is more fruity and custardy. Not bad but not for me.

Taifun GT II mystery clone

I buy clones only to test drive and if I see the potential I go for authentic. Taifun was not on my priority list but I couldn't resist to pick up what was called an "Authentic German Hookah Accessory"   in my local pawn shop.

So I decided to try it, and boy, that's was struggle.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Vape News

Hi folks,

I have created new channel on, Vape News. The channel will promote advocacy for healthy vaping, news around the industry and latest gear reviews. The selection of publications is unbiased as I don't have any affiliation with companies or individuals.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or recommendations.


Sunday, 5 April 2015

My Kayfun Saga. The King has arrived!

I used Tobeco clone as a guinea pig to learn and understand what real Kayfun could possibly add to my vaping experience. I struggled with it for a good few weeks before finally made it almost "leak free" (still leaking one in a while), fully operational atomizer with great vape. Authentic Kayfun 4 was ordered immediately.

As much I was unimpressed with the packaging the actual atty blew me away. Superb craftsmanship with attention to all details and most of all - SUPER SMOOTH operation. K4 was tight, but didn't jam and I could put it apart without pliers!  Quickly put the coil 1.4 ohm, loaded with high VG juice and fired it up at 13 Watts. The vape was dense, slightly warm, full of flavour, quiet and relaxing. I further adjusted the airflow to make the draw a bit more restrictive, and wow - it was like smoking a good cigar. Not too tight, not too airy. It was (and still is) the best atty I ever had. Period.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Cotton and wires

1. Vapowire by Temco. This is good ol' made in the USA high quality Kanthal A1 wire.  The cost is $11.99 at a local B&M store. 10 m = 1000 cm = 100 coils. Roughly 12 cents per coil.

2. Koh Gen Do 100% Pure Cotton, $22 delivered, made in Japan. 60 pads = 360 wicks. About 6 cents a wick.

Yes, you can buy much cheaper Kanthal and cotton from Fasttech or other sources like eBay. But are they clean products or contaminated with other stuff?  Good quality wire, wick and liquid are essential for healthy vaping. Folks, I don't really understand why someone would save pennies on cotton and wires. But that's me.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Vaping is not black and white. Anymore.

My little pictorial tribute to magnificent Kayfun 4

Happy vaping!


My Kayfun Saga. The Stubborn Clone.

I was really impressed with the Kayfun clone and started to work on it immediately. In this post I will reference a lot of parts, so please refer to the schematics below: