Saturday, 28 March 2015

Vaping with RDA

On my quest for a perfect vape I decided to try RDA, a rebuildable dripping atomizer. RDAs don’t have tank to hold e-liquid and usually holding only a small amount of juice in their wells. RDAs don’t come pre-assembled and you need to build your own wick and coil.

RBA's are not for beginners, they are intended for experienced users. You really need to know what you are doing, understand low ohm resistance, regulated mods, etc. What you see below is just my experience, please don't even consider it as a tutorial.

In my previous post I showed materials/tools I am using to build the coil. For this particular atomizer I built two coils, total resistance is 0.35 oHm. After both coils were installed I tested the rig to ensure that heat is distributed evenly.

Next I put Koh Gen Do Pure Cotton as a wick

Then I trimmed cotton"bunny ears" a bit, tuck them into the well and added some juice

Another test fire, looks good

Now you can put the cap on and enjoy the juice!

I find that with properly built RDA the taste is more flavourful and the vapour production is immense, thick warm vape. You can change flavours on a whim and rebuild the coil/wick in minutes.
A lot of folks are using RDAs as their daily vape, but not me. I don’t like the idea of dripping the juice every few puffs and they are a bit more messy, prone to leakage. I hardly can imagine myself dripping on the go or while at work.  But at home they are great, I should say ideal, to taste the new juice or the variety of juices or test new coil builds or to explore the cloud chasing.

All the best!

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