Sunday, 15 March 2015

Nautilus Mini is back in the game

Aspire Nautilus Mini is my favourite clearomizer for restrictive, mouth to lung draws.   It looks great and it works great.

My only concern was the unknown ceramic material that was used in original BVC heads. Aspire has never acknowledged  the potential harmful effect of ceramic wrappers, but now they offering organic cotton heads, no more ceramic stuff. Picked them up today and was surprised that they look almost identical. Everything (the packaging, the heads themselves) looks the same. Except for the juice intake holes, they are bigger now (new on the top) and resistance, 1.6 ohm new vs 1.8 old.

 I took both new and old apart and put to a "fire" test. The new definitely burns down (almost) while certain pieces from the previous head were intact.

As for the vape. May be it's all my imagination but flavour is cleaner with new organic cotton heads. So far I like it.

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