Sunday, 22 March 2015

Building my own coils

At the very beginning of my vaping journey,  when I just started reading about e-cigarettes, DIY coils looked like a tedious and dangerous hack. Especially when you can buy a variety of replacement coil heads made by original manufacturers.  Very convenient way to replace old heads except for one caveat, you don't really know what they are made of. Some companies using manmade wicking materials that might not be good for you, others are using strange alloys for their coils. Considering that I was smoking for over 35 years it should be my minor concern, but I am a bit paranoid.  Since my both Kanger Subtank Mini and Delta II came with rebuildable atomizers heads, I decided to replace stock coils with my own, made with  safer (hopefully) materials.

Materials and tools.

From left to right
  1. Ceramic tip tweezers (can buy in most e-cigarette stores)
  2. Kuro Coiler (3 different sizes, really makes building coils easy)
  3. Little blue screwdriver (should come with every rebuildable head)
  4. Kanthal A1 24 GA wire (can buy in most e-cigarette stores)
  5. Ohm Meter (can buy in most e-cigarette stores)
  6. Organic Cotton. I bought pure organic Koh Gen Do cotton from Sephora
  7. Husky wire cutter from Home Depot

 I decided to build a 3mm 1.0 oHm coil for Delta II to use with thick juice for mouth-to-lung hits. Steam Engine is on-line calculator to help with coil dimensions.

I also watched couple youtube tutorials :
Micro Coil Macro Coil Kuro Koiler Tool
How To Coil Build The Delta 2 RBA Tutorial - Using The Post Holes

Here is my final result:

I wicked it exactly as in tutorial above and it works great. I think it's not bad for beginner.


  1. I built two coils today and a single coil 9 wraps on 28 gauge will give me 1.28 but double it and I get .05 its weird.

    1. About right. Two same size coils in parallel = total resistance is halved. (1⁄2 R)

  2. Very nice pictures! Keep it up. Paul