Saturday, 7 March 2015

45 Days Smoke Free and some recommendations

Not a single cigarette puff since January 23rd. Time flies.
My colleagues at work are often asking about my recommendations how to start vaping. It's just my opinion based on a very personal experience, what works for me might not work for you.

1. Do your homework and understand the basics of vaping before you start. Join e-cigarette forum and ask questions when in doubt.
2. Put aside some money, you will need at least $100
3. I think that it was critical for me to start with the right device. Whatever your choice is make sure that both battery and tank are good quality and good performers. Stay away from cigalikes, technology is not there yet.

I can recommend any of the above (Ego One, iStick 30 + Kanger Suntank Mini, iStick 50 + Delta II or Aspire Premium kit). Out of four above my preference is iStick ( if you don't mind "boxy" style batteries) with Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (Kanger Subtank Mini or Delta II). Very customizable combination.

iStick is a variable wattage regulated battery, along with rebuildable tank it will allow you to fine tune personal vaporizer to your liking.
If you prefer out-of-the-box solution, then Ego One or Aspire. Or a combination of both.

4.  Don't waste time and money on a perfect tobacco flavour. Start with pure menthol juice until you figure out your favorite flavour. Have both stronger and lighter versions on hands (I am using 6gm and 12mg).
5.  Buy your first set from a brick & mortar store where you can see and touch the actual device.
6.  Be prepared to do maintenance, at least you we'll need to refill the tank, recharge the battery and change atomizer heads once in a while. Very simple in reality.
7.  Don't afraid to experiment and try new things

Good luck!


  1. I see it has gotten under your skin as well ;)
    Best Regards