Monday, 30 March 2015

My Kayfun Saga. The Beginning.

After about two months into vaping I realized that quit smoking is not an easy task. Let me explain. Smoking tobacco for me was always more than just inhaling burning leaves smoke to get the doze of nicotine, battling the cigarette was easy but I was still missing cigars. As I have already said, almost any modern vaping device can address the urge for nicotine by giving you a pretty good simulation of real smoking.  You have hand-to-mouth ritual, inhale/exhale, see the cloud coming out of the mouth and getting the throat hit. So what's missing? The ease of use, consistency and, as a result, lack of enjoyment and relaxation.  Imaging, you are sitting by the fireplace and reading a book or having a chess game with an old friend. A fine cigar or a pipe could easily complete the set. Not so simple with e-cigarettes. Sub-oHm-ing is the modern trend, most of the current devices are for directly-to-lung inhalers, they can produce tons of clouds but flavour is somewhat muted. I don't need clouds, just want to slowly enjoy the flavour with no distraction to the moment.
Every single device I've tried to date had some annoyances. Some are difficult to fill, other are  gurgling, some are noisy and whistling like a steam train, some are back spitting, and most of them are leaking once in while and giving dry hits (totally unpleasant). I don't like to have sticky fingers while holding the crystal glass with the aged whiskey. I also realized that I care less about cloud chasing. I don't mind it once in a while and RDAs are great for that. But mouth-to-lung is my preferred method of vaping.  Nautilus Mini did a good job, but was not perfect too. The vape was somewhat light and thin. My Ego One was set for MTL, with 1 ohm coil, and yet the vape was too airy. Everything was either too much or not enough. But does the perfect vaping exist?
Since the first day of my journey I kept hearing about the magical Kayfun 4.

Engineered in Russia, mage in Germany this rebuildable tank atomizer is highly regarded by many. Phil Busardo considered it as his favourite atty and in his excellent review said "meticulously engineered, rock solid , flavour machine. Stellar, closest thing to vaping perfection".  But some think it's over engineered. Finally I decided to try it for myself.
Unfortunately it's not that simple. There is no such thing as a car test drive or trial software in vaping. You bought it, you tried it and it's yours, like it or not. It's OK if your new atty cost about $50 but I didn't want to buy a $209 CAD atty just to put it on the shelf to collect the dust. But there is a solution, and solution is clone. You can buy a clone for the fraction of the price of authentic Kayfun, mine almost 1:1 copy made in China by Tobeco cost $34 CAD. Let me be clear, I am not going into the the moral aspects of buying clones now. That's completely different topic and deservers  a separate discussion. Will do it later. Let's focus on my road to Kayfun heaven for now.

The clone has arrived in a simple brown box, but when I opened it up...Wow! I was really impressed with the quality of the product, everything was tight and precise. Until I decided to put a coil in it. But that's next chapter.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Vaping with RDA

On my quest for a perfect vape I decided to try RDA, a rebuildable dripping atomizer. RDAs don’t have tank to hold e-liquid and usually holding only a small amount of juice in their wells. RDAs don’t come pre-assembled and you need to build your own wick and coil.

RBA's are not for beginners, they are intended for experienced users. You really need to know what you are doing, understand low ohm resistance, regulated mods, etc. What you see below is just my experience, please don't even consider it as a tutorial.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Building my own coils

At the very beginning of my vaping journey,  when I just started reading about e-cigarettes, DIY coils looked like a tedious and dangerous hack. Especially when you can buy a variety of replacement coil heads made by original manufacturers.  Very convenient way to replace old heads except for one caveat, you don't really know what they are made of. Some companies using manmade wicking materials that might not be good for you, others are using strange alloys for their coils. Considering that I was smoking for over 35 years it should be my minor concern, but I am a bit paranoid.  Since my both Kanger Subtank Mini and Delta II came with rebuildable atomizers heads, I decided to replace stock coils with my own, made with  safer (hopefully) materials.

Materials and tools.

From left to right
  1. Ceramic tip tweezers (can buy in most e-cigarette stores)
  2. Kuro Coiler (3 different sizes, really makes building coils easy)
  3. Little blue screwdriver (should come with every rebuildable head)
  4. Kanthal A1 24 GA wire (can buy in most e-cigarette stores)
  5. Ohm Meter (can buy in most e-cigarette stores)
  6. Organic Cotton. I bought pure organic Koh Gen Do cotton from Sephora
  7. Husky wire cutter from Home Depot

 I decided to build a 3mm 1.0 oHm coil for Delta II to use with thick juice for mouth-to-lung hits. Steam Engine is on-line calculator to help with coil dimensions.

I also watched couple youtube tutorials :
Micro Coil Macro Coil Kuro Koiler Tool
How To Coil Build The Delta 2 RBA Tutorial - Using The Post Holes

Here is my final result:

I wicked it exactly as in tutorial above and it works great. I think it's not bad for beginner.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Vape Organizer

My collection is slowly growing and I was looking for inexpensive solution to organize tanks, mods, etc. And guess what? I found very cheap solution at my local Wallmart:

It's called Large Pencil Cup and cost only $7.47

Not the prettiest one but does the job for now.

Another option is to re-purpose my humidor

Happy vaping all

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Nautilus Mini is back in the game

Aspire Nautilus Mini is my favourite clearomizer for restrictive, mouth to lung draws.   It looks great and it works great.

My only concern was the unknown ceramic material that was used in original BVC heads. Aspire has never acknowledged  the potential harmful effect of ceramic wrappers, but now they offering organic cotton heads, no more ceramic stuff. Picked them up today and was surprised that they look almost identical. Everything (the packaging, the heads themselves) looks the same. Except for the juice intake holes, they are bigger now (new on the top) and resistance, 1.6 ohm new vs 1.8 old.

 I took both new and old apart and put to a "fire" test. The new definitely burns down (almost) while certain pieces from the previous head were intact.

As for the vape. May be it's all my imagination but flavour is cleaner with new organic cotton heads. So far I like it.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Magnificent Kanger

Today is my 50 days smoke free. Decided to treat myself with something unusual and picked up Kanger Aerotank-Turbo.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

45 Days Smoke Free and some recommendations

Not a single cigarette puff since January 23rd. Time flies.
My colleagues at work are often asking about my recommendations how to start vaping. It's just my opinion based on a very personal experience, what works for me might not work for you.

1. Do your homework and understand the basics of vaping before you start. Join e-cigarette forum and ask questions when in doubt.
2. Put aside some money, you will need at least $100
3. I think that it was critical for me to start with the right device. Whatever your choice is make sure that both battery and tank are good quality and good performers. Stay away from cigalikes, technology is not there yet.

I can recommend any of the above (Ego One, iStick 30 + Kanger Suntank Mini, iStick 50 + Delta II or Aspire Premium kit). Out of four above my preference is iStick ( if you don't mind "boxy" style batteries) with Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (Kanger Subtank Mini or Delta II). Very customizable combination.

iStick is a variable wattage regulated battery, along with rebuildable tank it will allow you to fine tune personal vaporizer to your liking.
If you prefer out-of-the-box solution, then Ego One or Aspire. Or a combination of both.

4.  Don't waste time and money on a perfect tobacco flavour. Start with pure menthol juice until you figure out your favorite flavour. Have both stronger and lighter versions on hands (I am using 6gm and 12mg).
5.  Buy your first set from a brick & mortar store where you can see and touch the actual device.
6.  Be prepared to do maintenance, at least you we'll need to refill the tank, recharge the battery and change atomizer heads once in a while. Very simple in reality.
7.  Don't afraid to experiment and try new things

Good luck!