Friday, 27 February 2015

My vape of the day. 2015-02-27

For the past couple days I am vaping most exclusively on Ego One loaded with ANML Looper 6mg.

Ego One is small in size but not in performance. I am using it with stock sub ohm coil and vape is fantastic.  At least on par (if not better) with Kanger subtank and Delta II. Very well made, nice looking PV. Great performer.

My only concern is the choice of materials. It seems that Joyetech is now using similar "ceramic fiber" wrappers as in Aspire BVC coils.

When I saw first reviews I was very sceptical about ANML Looper. But after vaping it for couple days I have to admit - it's not bad at all.  Listed ingredients:

Strong (may be too strong) lemon / vanilla flavour but no artificial undertones. Not too sweet, plenty of vapour (higher in VG?). I don't like or eat cereals, but even as a tobacco lover I can give it solid 3 stars.

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