Friday, 30 January 2015

One Week Smoke Free!

7:30 PM
Yes, I am smoke free for one week, first time in my life. My family and friends are extremely impressed. And so do I.

How do I feel? I am still coughing in the morning, but now it's dry cough, the phlegm has almost gone. My chest is not as tight as before and I can breath a bit more freely and I am sleeping better. Small but very important signs that I am doing something right. The dizziness is gone, but still have a "dry mouth" and drink a lot of water. My weight and blood pressure are pretty much the same as before.

My initial strategy was to gradually reduce smoking cigarettes by introducing vaping. It didn't work, in a positive way :) Actually I haven't had a single smoke puff since I've started to vape.

I had my last cigarette on January 23 at 12:15 noon, on the front porch. I should've taken selfie.

There are couple things that still bother me:

  1. Health. All these discussions about Aspire using ceramic wrappers that vaper can inhale. And a new study that revealed alarming levels of formaldehyde in vape.
  2. Maintenance. I have to recharge/refill at least twice a day
  3. Flavour. Every juice I've tried so far is sweet caramel-alike, sometimes with fruity undertones. I don't like sweet. Nothing comes even close to a true tobacco flavour. I contacted Flavour Crafters to find a bit more about their extensive tobacco line.

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