Saturday, 24 January 2015

Day Two

7:00 AM
Woke up coughing, spitting tons of phlegm. Vaping doesn't work for me, nothing has changed. Poured some coffee, looked at the cigarette.....paused. OK, let's try one more time. Coffee and e-cigarette. Actually the taste wasn't bad this time, still too sweet. But the urge was gone again.

10:00 AM
This Aspire thing is big and heavy. I will look ridiculous at work in the company of other co-smokers. I need something smaller and more inconspicuous.

12:45 PM
$ 80
Came back from the store with eRoll and another two 15 ml bottles of e-juice, Captain Crust and Jamakin Me Blonde. I was advised that cereal/fruity stuff is really great.

Joyetech eRoll looks fantastic, like a real cigarette. Very nice design. No power on/off button, just inhale and it starts to produce the vapour. Put it back into supplied personal charger case and eroll starts charging (obviously if you charged the case first)

3:00 PM
My new e-juices are total waste, sweet with strong artificial caramel/candy-alike flavour.  Missing tobacco flavour a lot but haven't smoked since yesterday. Still feel dizzy and thirsty. Drinking a lot of water.

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