Monday, 26 January 2015

Day Four - more e-cigarettes

8:30 AM
Tried erolls at work (outdoor of course). The vape was too thin with no throat hit, I may need to replace the juice with more nicotine percentage. The batteries die pretty quickly so I  used another one while charging the first in a supplied PCC (personal charging case).

12:15 PM
Reading about ecigs, and guess what? Apparently Aspire is using some sh*ty ceramic stuff in their coil wraps that you may inhale. Watch this review on youtube at about 14th minute. You can find discussion here

4:30 PM
Barely survived without smoking real cigarette, 5 eroll cartridges were not enough for the day. I realized that erolls look great but don't perform to my liking. Came back home and suck on Aspire and the urge is gone. Never ever leave it at home!

5:30 PM
$60 + taxes
Another quick visit to the vape store. This time I picked up Bloog set with couple additional clearomizers,  and a bottle of America Reds 12 mg e-juice. This time I chose ecigs with power on/off button, it eliminates the delay that experienced with erolls.

Size comparisons:
1. Bloog ecig with standard cartomizer

2. And with optional 1 mm clearomizer

Doesn't look pretty as erolls but should perform better and last longer, will see tomorrow. Tried American Reds ejuice, the flavour is not that sweet as my other juices and does resemble Virginia tobacco. Not bad.

My collection of ecigs is growing and so is the maintenance. It takes time to charge all batteries, PCC and refill little tanks. I may need to rethink the strategy and instead of multiple small devices  just to buy one e-cigarette but with the larger tank and more capacity battery, so it can last all day long without refill/recharge.

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