Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Day Five - done with cigalikes

12:45 PM
Bloog ecigs work well, much stronger vape than erolls. But still not good enough as the Aspire kit. I am done with cigalikes (vape jargon: cigalike is an electronic cigarette having a similar form factor as a traditional cigarette). They look very nice and you can vape hands-free, but they just don't perform. Very thin vape, no throat hit.

They may help some folks but I see them more like an introduction to vaping, really a starter kit. I would never survive that long without a single smoke puff just by using these tiny ecigs.

Stick to Aspire kit for now. Recharging the battery, refilling the tank.

Today I am vaping on American Reds. Really like the flavour but 12 mg feels a bit too strong for me, may need to buy a 9mg version.

5:30 PM
Quick visit to store, this time I picked Double Mint 6mg. Mixed it with American Reds 50/50 to achieve 9 mg concentration of nicotine.  Perfect concentration!

7:00 PM
Need to recharge the battery and refill the tank again. All this maintenance is a bit frustrating.

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