Thursday, 24 December 2015

Eleven months smoke free

Have a great holiday season and a very Happy New Year!


Sunday, 13 December 2015


I am a sucker for shiny objects! Came to a local store to pick up couple batteries, taste juices and left with the new mod.
SNOWWOLF 75W mini box mod with temperature control by Asmodus. America design China manufacturing.

It's really well made.  Clicky buttons, no rattles. Very nice and bright OLED display. I had only one minor issue. The magnetic cover door was a bit loose and was sliding ~ 1mm up and down when I actively tried to move it with my fingers. A quick and easy fix was found on the vaping forum, I wrapped the plumbers tape around the magnets.

It may be not pretty but I don't care, the door is now snug. 
I am using this mod mostly in power mode with kanthal wires and only briefly tried it in temperature control with my nickel builds, seems working fine too.

All the best, Victor

Friday, 4 December 2015

Call for action - Ontario - Dec 5th

Voice your opinion and help others to quit smoking.

What: A peaceful rally to support vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking. 

When: December 5th at 1:15 PM

Where: Parliament Building, Queen's Park 111 Wellesley Street West, Toronto, Ontario M7A 1A2

All details on Facebook

Monday, 23 November 2015

Ten months smoke free

And a little gift from my friends - SXK Nebula Zero Mini 60W, a temperature controlled mod by Shenzhen ShenXingKang Technology.

I haven't tried it with Ni or Ti coils yet, but with Kanthal in regular wattage mode it works well. Good overall quality, spring loaded 510, clicky buttons, no rattle and the battery cover fits snug. I have used it with various atomizers and no issues to report, may be a bit heavier than I like.

*** Update after two months: Coil resistance readings are inaccurate and always off by about + .2. So you 1.4 coil will be show up as 1.6, and so on.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Triton 2 by Aspire

As soon as I said "I am content" I bought another atty :) This is  a new version of a well regarded Triton tank by Aspire. Original Triton tank was really good and this one is even better. More compact and every part can be dissembled and easily cleaned when you change e-juice.

After short break-in period the new clapton coil brings more pure flavour vaping experience.

Vaping @ 35W, no leaking or gurgling. Highly recommended.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Nine Months Smoke Free

Actually it is nine months and one week today. Great! No new gear this time, I feel content with what I already have.  I am using my two favorite tanks, Origen and Kayfun, probably 90% of the time. Easy to build, no leaking issues and flavour is fantastic.

As you can see my mods are pretty basic, nothing fancy. Both iStick and Wismec simply work.  I am keeping an eye on the new technology of course and contemplating the idea of getting DNA 200 temperature control. But not really convinced that I need one. Yet.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

High-end gear

I like good quality vaping gear. But high-end stuff (drip tips, mods, atomisers, etc) is usually produced in small batches, not cheap and hard to find. And it's totally unnecessary if you want to quit smoking. A simple inexpensive starter kit from  a mainstream  company like Joyetech, Aspire, Kangertech or Wismec will do the trick. So why custom made drip tips, mods and high-end tanks? For me, it's an aesthetical aspect of vaping, appreciation of original engineering and craftsmanship.
For a example, vintage drip tips hand tuned by Graeme Kilminster (Siam Mods)

Those drip tips are from vintage pen rods made in Le Mans in 30s and used by famous pen makers.

Another example is Origen Genesis by Norbert.

Yes, you can buy a clone for the fraction of the price, but, at least in my experience, none of them work the same way as the original.

Similar and yet totally different.

I also don't know what they are made from. Authentic products like Kayfun, Erlkonigin, Taifun, Squape, etc. are made to the highest standards from the quality stainless steel and their performance is exceptional. I don't want to go into another debate clone vs. authentic, it's just my preference.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Eight months smoke free.

And it feels great. I am finding vaping enjoyable as well and it's becoming a real hobby. I like to try new setups, to experiment with flavours and wicking methods. This time, I treated myself with a couple vintage drip tips ( by Siam Mods) and Origen Genesis RBA by Norbert.
Although I have several high-end atomisers and fancy drip tips I always remember that it only took a basic battery and tank to put the smokes away.

I am glad to see how fast the industry is evolving. Better and safer vaping products are coming to the market almost every day. Unfortunately, the majority of smokers are still unaware how effective e-cigarettes as a cessation method. If you search the internet 90% percent of articles describe vaping as harmful as smoking if not worse. This misleading and irresponsible information causes millions of deaths that could have been prevented by switching to vaping.

On the bright side, the UK Government has made a bold move. After analysing various studies, they  have concluded that vaping is 95% safer than smoking.   Even more,  British smokers urged to start vaping by health officials.

I hope this is just the beginning and have positive impact on regulations here in Canada.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Autumn Colours

The autumn will bloom again soon here in Ontario. In anticipation I got this wonderful drip tip from Garry Dibley.


Monday, 7 September 2015

Kayfun moments

Just came back from our friend's cottage where we enjoyed hot summer weather, good swim and long vape. Couple pictures, K4 with top cap by Steam Tuners.


Sunday, 23 August 2015

Seven months smoke free

Another vapervesary. I am doing well and have absolutely no desire to go back to smoking.  I am glad to see that positive aspects of vaping are getting more recognition among the authorities. The Public Health of England just published an article that E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful to your health than normal cigarettes. Isn't it great? New e-cigarette products and technologies are coming to the market almost every day, making vaping safer and more affordable.
What am I vaping on today? I am using a wide variety of different atties and mods, from mainstream like Triton to more high-end like NextGen. And almost exclusively I am vaping on my own home-brewed e-juice. Unfortunately my beloved iStick50's gone, probably I shouldn't wash it under the running water:)  Today my "go-with-me" mod is Presa, from a new company called Wismec.

Small, inexpensive, simple to operate and yet very well made. I tried iStick 100W but it was too bulky for me. Sigelei 75W was also a good contender but, in my opinion, temperature control devices are not ready yet.

That's all,

Sunday, 16 August 2015

My first DIY e-liquid

My vaping hobby has further evolved. Since the very beginning of my vaping journey I realized that making own coils is not just cheaper but also safer. Back in January/February I read several articles about supplied stock coils and how they may contain some potentially harmful materials, which was great concern to me and many other vapers.  Building your own coils is not entirely convinient but at least you know what they are made from.  I was glad to see that industry quickly responded to overwhelmed concern and now majority of stock coils are made from pure Kanthal and organic cotton.  And then boom, several well known e-cig retailers conducted independent testing of leading e-liquids and found dangerous levels of Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl, chemicals that are harmful to lungs. Apparently not the first case, google for Suicide Bunny story in 2014. So I decided to take a do-it-yourself path and make my own e-liquids.

After some research I ordered PG, VG and Nicotine base from the First Choice Vapor and flavourings from the All E-cig Solutions.  Nicotine base sold by First Choice Vapor is considered as one of the best (read comparison here) on the Canadian market and I like how All E-cig Solutions advise on flavourings containing harmful chemicals. I am pleased with my buying experience, both retailers offered  good pricing, great support and fast shipment.
To calculate proper amounts of ingredients I am using Juice Calculator

Warning: this post is not a course on DIY safety or encouragement to make your own e-juice. You really need to know what you doing and protect yourself and others from a very poisonous  nicotine! In high concentrations it can kill even if exposed to the skin only. 

I do all mixings in a well ventilated clean environment with rubber gloves and protective goggles on and store all ingredients in lockbox in the basement. Before I mixed my first batch I tested my protective measures, setup and workflow using bottles filled with water until I was fully confident that it is safe to proceed.
So here it goes, my first creation, tobacco-esque 50%VG/50%PG @ 6mg e-liquid.

Total cost for 30ml is $1.69
I steeped it for 48 hours before trying. Maybe I am just a lucky noob but flavour is great, decent throat hit and vapour production,

All the best,

Friday, 31 July 2015

Tasting new tobacco flavours

I am not really into tobacco flavours anymore. A simple not sweet e-juice with subtle  coffee/dark chocolate undertones works just fine for me. But after visiting Vapecan I decided to try some new (to me) tobacco e-juices.

Morning Tobacco by Canada E Juice - 100%VG. A bit too strong floral undertones, not to my liking. May become better after steeping.

American Blend by Von Erl - PG/VG ?. Same as above, too strong floral tones.

deMoores by eSplash - 50PG/50VG. Fresh, not too sweet, subtle tobacco undertones. OK.

do More by Vaporus - 50PG/50VG. Similar to the above but stronger throat hit. Tobacco tones are more pronounced. Actually not bad.

Movember by LABO LVS - 70PG/30VG. Wow, very bold flavour.  Don't be deceived by the green bottle, the juice colour is slightly yellowish. Tastes like strong Virginia pipe tobacco. A bit sweeter than I like but overall good. If you like pipe tobacco flavours - try this one.

Similar to my previous tobacco testing I can't say that I found a perfect tobacco e-liquid. Still "floral" undertones and artificial sweetness. But keep in mind that tasting is very subjective and your opinion, most likely, will be different.


Monday, 27 July 2015


What a great event. Very well organized, a lot to see, to taste and to buy. Unfortunately I didn't have time to visit all vendors on the floor but stopped by one of my favourite - Erlkönigin. Now their products will be available in Canada via LaVapeShop.

Niko just launched new very stylish Von Erl S1starter kit.

Designed in Austria, made in China. I like it a lot. Super sleek. Takes Joyetech Ego One CL 1.0 ohm heads.

I was glad to see that most (if not all) Canadian juice makers are now ECTA certified. Flavour Crafters launched new product line, Evolve (max VG)

I have already tried few and first impression is very good, Secret Affair is actually excellent.

It will take some time to go through their generous sample pack :)


Saturday, 25 July 2015

Six months smoke free

Not a single puff since January 23.  This time I treated myself with another inexpensive tank, Triton by Aspire.

And I am totally impressed. Very well made, clever design and flavour is simply phenomenal.  I am using stock 1.8 ohm head, with top airflow completely closed and bottom closed to about 1 mm on each side. I can't stand metal drip tips and replaced original with the one from the Siam mods.

Absolutely fantastic vape with 20PG/80VG juice, saturated and loaded with flavour. I have to say the vape quality is very close or even on-par with Kayfun 4. Great tank for flavour chasers, definitely better than my previous favourite Silo Beast.

That's all, thanks for dropping by,

Sunday, 12 July 2015

BX SX350 Mod by Anatolian

Looking for a High End Mod? Not sure what other folks consider "HEM" but there are plenty of well made highly priced mods available on the market, either you're looking for mechanical or regulated. Some can be purchased directly from the on-line stores, others only through the membership in the Facebook groups. Pictures of those illusive mods on FB are absolutely terrific. I joined several such groups to find good, well made wood box. When Anatolian announced their BX SX350 mods on the FB page I jumped and nabbed one in Cocobolo finish.

BX 074 arrived in rather plain box, no company logo, user guide or anything else. I was expecting a bit more sophisticated presentation. The real issue was not the box but the sticky button, it just stuck in the firing position.  Another minor issue - the front plate wasn't flash, nothing big, but aesthetically not pleasing.

I contacted modders and was advised to disassemble the unit and fix it myself, because the shipping for repair is too expensive. Huh? OK let's do-it-yourself then.

To work on Anatolian BX you will need some tools, at least torx T7 to unscrew the plate. Be very careful, the control board is glued to the back of the plate with tons of silicone all over the place. No wonder it was a piece of silicone that stuck under the front plate preventing it from being flash. I just cut it out with scalpel. The sticky button was fixed by cleaning the button housing with rubbing alcohol. I also added a piece of tape to the back of the button, to reduce the throw (make it softer).

At the end I got a fully functioning wood box mod which also looks aesthetically pleasing.
I haven't polished the wood yet, not sure if it needs one. It is perfect, very complex curves and beautiful grain. May be just a bit of wax. The wood is the only positive thing I can say about the mod.   The rest is simply poor craftsmanship, sloppy assembly work. I wouldn't call it HEM, but rather an over priced do-it-yourself kit. Would I buy another Anatolian? Most likely not. There is nothing more annoying than getting a brand new mod and having to fix it instead of vaping with it.

Thanks for dropping by, Victor

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Thursday, 2 July 2015

What makes good company great?

Customer service.
Couple weeks ago I bought a top cap by Steam Tuners for my Kayfun 4. I liked everything about it except for couple scratches. Not a big deal, just aesthetically not pleasing.   Guess what? I was contacted by Steam Tuners, they found my FB post, found my order and they sent me a replacement.

Perfect finish, no scratches this time :) And they also included additional drip tip. Isn't this great? Obviously I will buy from them again, they have really cool stuff.

Thanks, Victor

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Five months smoke free

My vaping journey continues. Cravings are gone completely. Couple days ago I was vaping outside of my office discussing e-cigarettes with smokers, and for the first time, I didn't like the smell of the burning tobacco leaves. It was actually quite nasty. I understand that vaping in its current form might not work for everyone, but at least you should try and find out it for yourself.
What's new? Nothing much. On my quest for a perfect vape I decided to experiment with genesis style atomizers and try new flavours.

I picked up highly regarded Origen Genesis v2 and NextGen. As usual I started with clones to see if the method works for me. There is definitely a learning curve. I spent several days building and rebuilding both experimenting with mesh, wires and juices. At the end I come to conclusion that yes, the flavour is absolutely fantastic! Both attys produced dense, saturated vape with tones flavour.  Out of two I like NextGen better. Easier to build, no leaking (very clever design) and better (more restrict) draw for MTL vaper like me. Directly to lung hitters would probably prefer Origen Genesis because of the dual coil setup. Obviously I my next step would be to go and purchase the authentic. But it's not that simple. Production of NextGen is very limited and demand is huge. The distribution is managed by the closed Facebook group and it takes time, efforts and luck to get on the list. But I am patient.

Thanks for dropping by, Victor.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Silo Beast by Beyond Vape

I love my Kayfun and  Erlkönigin. They both consistently deliver well saturated vape full of flavour. But for the times when I am in a hurry or too lazy to rebuild them I need decent low maintenance tank that comes with stock coil heads, top fill and adjustable airflow. After seeing first positive reviews on youtube I picked one at DashVapes.

Here is my impression.
The tank is really well made, all stainless steel with glass insert.

The juice feed holes are massive, wicks are made with organic Japanese cotton. Compatible with readily available Atlantis 2 organic cotton coils (and BVC temperature sensing coils).  The tank holds 5ml of e-liquid and comparable in size with Kayfun 4.

I like modern clean design.

As a mouth-to-lung vaper I am using supplied 1.2 oHm coil at 17 W, keeping AFC at a minimum and have to say that vape is very good.  Saturation and flavour may not on par with Kayfun but still very good. No leaking or dry hits or any other issues to report.

I am not into cloud chasing sub-ohming, but of course it does it well too, just put the sub-ohm head and open giant cyclopes to the max.

And it looks great!

Overall my first impression is very positive.

The only minor annoyance  - Silo Beast is just a bit longer (taller) than I like, so now I am looking for an optional shorter tank to lower the profile.

All the best, Victor

Friday, 19 June 2015

Kayfun 4 top cap by Steam Tuners

Steam Tuners is a manufacturing company from Greece offering a variety of customizations and accessories for a well known high end atomizers. Couple days ago I received a top cap (satin version) for my Kayfun 4.

It perfectly fits the atty, makes low profile and looks great.

Very good threading, no leaking but finish is not on par with Kayfun, you can see small scratches all over the cap.

Not a big deal, but I expected a better quality from a highly regarded company.

*** Quick update. Although I never asked for replacement I just received email from Steam Tuners that my item will be replaced. I am impressed.***


Sunday, 14 June 2015


My little collection of hand made drip tips :)

Beautiful they are!


Saturday, 23 May 2015

Four months smoke free

On January 23 I had my last cigarette.  At the beginning I was counting every day, every week since my last puff, not anymore. Cravings are gone and only the banner above reminds me that I used to be a pack a day smoker.  Of course I treated myself with a little present, marvellous hand made drip tip by Graeme Kilminster (Siam Mods, UK).

After trying a good number of various devices and vaping techniques I realized that my preferred method is mouth-to-lung draw and flavour is more important than clouds. I am very happy with my current setup, Kayfun 4 and Erlkönigin, authentic with few add-ons.

I am no longer looking for a perfect "tobacco" e-liquid. The last one I tried was from Hangsen, HS Golden Tobacco (aka RY6) and HS Delight

HS Delight has very strong floral undertones. HS Golden Tobacco is mildly sweet, with nutty undertones, palette somewhat resembles Pipe Tobacco by local Canadian company DVine eJuice.
Nothing special overall. Now I am more interested in testing other flavours, like highly regarded Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve or Lucena by Five Pawns.

That's all. Thanks for dropping by, Victor.

Friday, 8 May 2015

New tank for Erlkönigin too

Not because I wanted to change the look but because inevitable happened, I dropped my beloved Erlkönigin and broke the frosted glass tank.

I could still use the original co-polymer tank, but didn't like it. Luckily about a week ago I ordered a replacement glass tank form IBTanked which I received the very next day after disaster.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Pimping my Kayfun 4

Couple days ago I visited DashVapes  to pick up some juice and came back (as always) with goodies that I didn't plan to buy.  Bell cap by the Munoz Brothers , PICO+ drip tip by JMK and Unicorn bottle.

Sales person specifically advised that "out-of-the-box" JMK drip tip won't work with K4 because bore is slightly narrower than on original Kayfun drip tip. But I decided to test my drilling skills :)

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Vape Photography 2015-05-02

Or should I call it Vape-O-Tography? :)

Vape Is: Catching the sunset

Vape Is: Watching the bubbles

Vape Is: Getting Wet

Thanks for dropping by,